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Dag Østerberg

Author, professor. (1938 – 2017) Since the 1960 years has been one of Norway's foremost social theorists and intellectuals. has made important contributions to the so-called positivism debate and has shown a critical profile in his writings.

Social Democrats and Leninists

REFORM AND REVOLUTION: Now, in the era of electoral federation efforts, it is perhaps a worthwhile endeavor to try to think through the concepts of reform and revolution.

Erich Fromm as a theorist

FREUD/MARX: Does historical materialism ("Marxism") have a flawed conceptual framework when it has to decipher the capitalist social formations of our time?

Marx's dialectical materialism

MARX/LENIN: The fight against alienation is, after all, the general goal – something that has disappeared in Leninism

To leninism

MARX/LENIN: With the formation of the Socialist Election Union, the parties' relationship with Vladimir Lenin's teachings is important. It is human activity, their work, struggle, play, research, which is the source of knowledge.

About the dictatorship of the proletariat

This post aims to show why it was a political mistake by the SUF to program the dictatorship of the proletariat.

About fascism and functionalism

Is fascism in our time reactionary or hypermodern?

SUF and Mao Tse Tung

Mao's idealistic theory that the cultural revolution is enough to abolish classes is wrong – and our left's admiration of this superficial idea can have unfortunate consequences for politics going forward, Dag Østerberg writes in this text from 1968.