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Dag Herbjørnsrud

Former editor of MODERN TIMES. Now head of the Center for Global and Comparative History of Ideas.

Herodotus isonomia

Some of the same lessons that are mentioned in the main article, we can take with us from the latest edition of the democracy index of The Economist Group – which is published by The Economist. Apart from Nordic countries ...

Seducers love majority decisions

Kristoffer Momrak, Johan Huizinga, Aristotle, translated by Tormod Eide, Hannah Arendt translated by Per Qvale Solum, Kojin Karatani: The Metropolises of the Middle East, The Destroyed World, Politics, About Revolutions, Isonomia and the Origins of Philosophy
IDEA HISTORY: Is Greece more of a cultural periphery in the Middle East than the origin of our modern democracy? Aristotle believed that the Phoenicians in Carthage, like the law – isonomia – had a better government than Athens – the so-called cradle of democracy.

In memory of Nawal El-Saadawi

Obituary: Uncompromisingly, she spoke out against power. Now she is gone, 89 years old. Author, physician and feminist Nawal El-Saadawi wrote for MODERN TIMES from June 2009.

Africa and «the brutish museums»

Amin Maalouf, Block Museum of Art, Dan Hicks, Alice Procter: Leo Afrikaneren, Caravans of Gold – Fragments in Time – Art Culture and Exchanges Across Medieval Saharan Africa, The Brutish Museums, The Whole Picture
Cultural history: It is necessary to relinquish ownership of colonial loot. The treasures of European museums have been stolen. And what about the Cultural History Museum in Oslo – which is also on the list of museums that have Benin's stolen bronze sculptures?

More universal philosophy

ESSAY: Time to learn what the world's many translating female philosophers thought? Or what about the omitted African philosophy? Four books provide a broader understanding of the history of thought.

Leader: Memories of a decade

According to the myth, a Chinese saying should read, "May you live in interesting times." Understand that you do not want everything well. But...

Leader: Anundsen should go

On Thursday came the argument that should also make Erna Solberg see what is best for the government and Norway: The Minister of Justice should step down.

LEADER: The world of fun

According to 24-hour media, "a whole world is waiting" for some rocks in Rauma to slide down a mountain side. Something has to wait, since no submarine was found in Stockholm.

LEADER: Take that ring…

June 2014 has so far been the month of coalitions in the so-called Middle East, or West Asia.