Theater of Cruelty

Dieter Wieczorek

Wieczorek is a critic living in Paris.

Painful stories from the colonies

colonialism: Dorothee M. Kellou's documentary is a painful dive into the narrative narratives of Algeria's eight-year liberation struggle from the French colonial power.

Germany's monsters are brought to life

DOCUMENTARY ART: Thomas Heise travels into mental and emotional ruins.

Sharp look at the Philippines

PHILIPPINES: Kiri Dalena's documentaries were celebrated during the film festival.

War and hope in the Philippines

INTERVIEW: New Time met the Philippine artist Kiri Dalena during the international short film festival in Oberhausen.

Without any idea of ​​the future

Inuit: The Last Ice Hunters explores the exiled hunting culture of the Inuit far north and its inevitable endings.

Europe's perfected crime

The documentary Eldorado addresses Europe's cynical treatment of refugees and reminds us that Europeans themselves were on the run for scarce 100 years ago.

The deadly soyamafia

A Journey to the Fumigated Towns shows the pollution and extinction that threatens Argentina's indigenous population, caused by the soy industry.

Godard and the authenticity of the fragment

In The Image Book, Godard calls for "a revolution in the revolution," and urges to create his own law against society, this "constellation of organized crime."

Is it a crime to save lives?

France sentenced its own citizens to prison for assisting people in need. Europe is letting the tangled remains of its morals and ethics drown in the Mediterranean. Libre follows a man who is protesting.