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Wieczorek is a critic living in Paris.

The experimentally real

There was a cautious return to key issues at the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival recently.

No way back

Alfoz Tanjour: A Memory in Khaki
Filmmaker Alfoz Tanjour shouldered the considerable task of documenting what happens beyond the tragedy of the war, in the private rooms of a population that has been suppressed by the Assad regime over the past 50 years.

Cemetery's new clothes

Andrés Cháves Sánchez: Cartridge
50 000 was killed in Bogota's former slum Cartucho – and countless just disappeared.

Drone God

Sylvain Cruiziat and Mila Zhluktenko: Find Fix Finish
Find Fix Finish shows the director's personal perceptions of the drone technology.

Why not Sanders?

Lionel Rupp, Michael David Mitchell. Switzerland: A Campaign of their Own
Why didn't Bernie Sanders win in the general election? Swiss documentary reveals astonishing system failure in the US electoral system.

They forgot the power of memories

Ziad Kalthoum Germany / Lebanon / Syria / United Arab Emirates / Qatar: Taste of Cement
A strong film about Beirut's construction workers won at Visions du Réel in Switzerland. 

The terrorist campaign against Twin Towers – a gift to the NSA

Friedrich Moser: A Good American
September 11st: Overwhelming government-level corruption in the United States and a global attack on democracy: Friedrich Moser's documentary A Good American serves important "alternative facts".

"Stay away, otherwise we treat you like animals"

Eva Orner: Chasing Asylum.
Chasing Asylum provides a timely critical look at Australia's cruel refugee policy.