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Einar Flydal

Flydal is a pensioner with a background as a researcher and senior advisor in the Telenor Group and a university lecturer at NTNU.

Dirty power

CHRONICLE: The new AMS electricity meters pollute the electricity grid in the house with more "dirty electricity" than old meters.

At full speed into an ecological cul-de-sac

5G-rule: It is not documented that 5G is safe. On the contrary, 5G will reinforce the damage we have already inflicted on the biosphere and life on Earth.

Solutions without radiation selected

Radiation: The meters should become the "portal" into the customer's smart home. New services – from broadband to building management – were to be provided, giving the grid companies new, large revenue. But the air ran out of plans. 

The smart meters' new health and environmental damage

Radiation: The installation of new power meters (AMS) exposes you to continuous exposure to environmental toxins [1]. The "electric fog" – an invisible and silent source of health and environmental damage – is made even more dense.

The wireless industry's sunsets?

Radiation: A call from scientists and doctors around the world calls on the European Commission to halt the rollout of 5G in Europe until the health and environmental impact has been investigated by impartial researchers. The call indicates that the harmful effects of microwaves are known, and already so extensive that they threaten the health of humans, animals and plants.

The disappearance of the species

RadiationScientists have made mobile radiation discoveries that should give us all poor night's sleep.