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Eirik Vold

Former freelancer in MODERN TIMES. Today political adviser in Red.

United States blacklist

Ny Tid has consulted a number of experts on how the 301 list works. No one is aware that there are any clear criteria for ending up on the list.

Said no to the US and the pharmaceutical industry

Unprecedented WikiLeaks documents show how the US embassy in Oslo tried to pressure the Norwegian government to crack down on cheaper copier drugs with threats of blacklisting Norway. The then Minister of Business and Trade Dag Terje Andersen, for the first time, talks about the meeting where he set his foot against the Americans.

Uncritical coverage of war industry

Ny Tid has interviewed Dagbladet's John Olav Egeland who believes the war industry is protected by the Norwegian media.

Illiberal trends in Norwegian media

Harsh attacks on skeptical dissent and lack of criticism of those in power: Is the mass media helping to restrict freedom of expression? Ny Tid has spoken with media researcher Rune Ottosen and Fritt Ord's director Knut Olav Åmås. 

The factual basis for the slaughter of the Holberg debate

Assange: While Dagbladet's Inger Merete Hobbelstad claimed Julian Assange was allowed to speak "unanswered," Bergens Tidendes's Eirin Eikefjord gave him the psychiatric diagnosis of being paranoid. Did they have a basis for it?

Secret meeting: The United States pushed Norway into war participation

The United States ran a covert campaign to pull Norway deeper into the Afghanistan war, according to previously unknown WikiLeaks documents.