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Eva-Kristin Urestad Pedersen

Feminist foreign policy – ​​theory and practice

FEMINISM: In Why the Future of Foreign Policy is Feminist, Kristina Lunz tries to give feminist foreign policy a concrete content. Sweden, Canada, Germany, France and Mexico have introduced their own feminist foreign policies. But there is no automatic link between increased female representation and improved conditions for women in general.

Have we as a civilization now perhaps met ourselves at the door?

IDENTITY: Do we all have a form of doppelganger that expresses our most extreme thoughts and attitudes? In this book, Naomi Klein takes a special stand with her own people group: the Jews.

Corona reflections

ESSAYS: The Coronation is a thought-provoking but naive collection of essays about the pandemic as a social phenomenon.

A reality that exists in parallel with the modern state

The Mafia: A new book explains why a political organization is more than a criminal network. It is a correct but dangerous thesis.