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Erik Berg

Erik Berg worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / NORAD from 1978 to 2013. He now heads Habitat Norway.

China's urban development

CITY PLANNING: The eco-city is part of the innovation in China. From block, super block to mega block and eco block? Here we get an analysis of the years after Deng Xiaoping's "reform and openness policy".

Ordinary diplomacy serves the state, urban diplomacy the people

CITIES:America's new leaders have noted China's use of cities in its diplomacy. Is urban policy emerging as the new foreign policy?

Is the nation-state out of step with the world?

The nation-state strives to control climate challenges, international crime and epidemics, while cities have more political power than ever. Cities act where national authorities only talk.

Urban poverty is overlooked

Norwegian foreign and development policy neglects the opportunities and limitations of cities. But the battle for sustainable development is actually in cities.