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Francesca Borri

Borri is a war correspondent and writes regularly for Ny Tid.

How can we help the Syrians?

War reporter Rania Abouzeid secretly went into Syria and stayed there for several years. No Turning Back is the story of four Syrians and three cities, and the story of a defeat.

Deadly everyday life in the United States

Since January, more than 8000 has been killed and 15 000 injured in more than 32 000 shooting episodes in the United States. If this trend continues, the total number of dead will exceed 10 000 by the end of the year – the same number killed in the war in Yemen.

Marawi: The Filipino jihadists' Sherwood 

The struggle the militant Muslims are fighting in the Philippines is not about establishing an Islamic state, but first and foremost about establishing a just state, a young Filipino jihadist tells Ny Tid.

In the backyard of the war

Although the peace process between Israel and Palestine has stopped, Palestinians in Nabi Saleh still dream of access to the Mediterranean.

Tunisia after the Arab Spring

TUNISIA:Debt, unemployment and slow-moving reforms – the country that made the most of the upheaval in 2010 – 2011, still face major challenges. 

Meanwhile, in Syria, Libya, Bosnia

In Bosnia, peace created the ethnic divide no general, no army, no genocide would achieve. Will the same thing happen in Syria?

The war without a front line

Who are the jihadists in the Syrian war? 

A landscape of clashes

The children of the Oslo agreements have become young adults. Although violent clashes are part of everyday life, the air in Hebron shakes more with emptiness and apathy than with blows and moles.

It lost Palestine

Under the vibrant and prosperous surface of Ramallah, reality smells. It consists of distress, frustration and poverty.