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Gro Skaaren-Fystro

Skaaren-Fystro is a special advisor in Transparency International Norway.

The top of an iceberg

TAX: Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, LuxLeaks and FinCEN provide a clue to the global scope of "tax planning".


CORRUPTION: In crisis situations, the risk of corruption increases – as with the money behind the upcoming corona vaccine.

Sustainable debt and financial transparency

RESPONSIBLE LOANS: Adopted principles of debt transparency are a step in the right direction for sustainable and legal lending to vulnerable low-income countries. Norway should take the lead as a responsible lender and investor.

Stortinget – a role model with scratches in the varnish

REGULATIONS: Openness is perhaps the most important preventive measure against corruption

The waste of development aid continues

The fact that presidents in poor countries buy exclusive private aircraft has become the very symbol of waste of aid money and loans. Now it has happened again – in Zambia.

Who owns Oslo?

Transparency International will survey who owns Oslo and assess the extent to which the owners bring corrupt luggage. 

#CorruptToo – new give in the fight against corruption?

Two-thirds of all the world's countries are struggling with serious corruption problems. It shows Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2017 released this week. 

Anti-corruption and assistance in vulnerable states

Norway should continue to be a spearhead in the fight against corruption.