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His Eirik Olav

Olav has a long time from the financial world behind him.

A giant pyramid game

THE FINANCIAL WORLD: Do the authors of Sabotage manage to explain how the interaction between the authorities, central banks and banking and financial institutions works?

Champion Liar

When the huge fraud was revealed, everyone around Madoff claimed to be ignorant. How was that possible?

Cash free – and totalitarian

The idea of ​​the cashless society is embraced by many as a symbol of progress. But who really wants to win on the liquidation of the cash community?

Spring 2017: Economic crisis on the stairs

Much indicates that the world is facing an economic collapse that may occur during the first half of 2017. 

Deutsche Bank and dead bank directors

A large number of bankers who have died in unclear circumstances in recent years probably knew too much.

The economy is collapsing

Economic collapse always leads to economic state of emergency – from the fall of the Roman Empire to today's civil war-like conditions in Venezuela. 

Pill rotten and plain

"If the people really understood how banking works, there would be a revolution tomorrow." – Henry Ford 

Ragnarok on the way?

Is this possible in Norway? ATMs close. Air traffic, bus and rail stop. Transportation of food and medicines stops. The food shelves are being emptied and the military is preventing the people from breaking into the shops to obtain essential goods.

The doomsday prophets become more numerous

An ever-increasing number of prominent US economists and investors are predicting an upcoming collapse in the world economy.