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His Eirik Olav

Olav has a long time from the financial world behind him.

Bank bluffs

Politicians Ny Tid tries to get in the way, reluctant to reveal the bluff that your bank account should be secured. Or is a lack of knowledge revealed here?

Behind the Panama Papers

It is interesting to study the reactions of politicians to the Panama revelations.

Economic collapse – Norway's rescue?

Norway is like a patient waiting for the settlement with his own corrupt lifestyle.

The banks and the state's pyramid scheme

Norges Bank, the Ministry of Finance and the private banks are playing an ingenious game to create money for loans. The problem is that the huge bill is sent in the future.

The housing market will collapse

How long can we hold on to a social model that does not work?

The new fascism

What is happening in Greece, which stands for the whole eurozone, is in fact a winding-up of free, independent nations.

Uncontrollable debt

Is it possible to understand the debt situation behind the crisis in Greece? Ny Tid looks at some simple economic contexts.

A defense script for the Greek people

The Greek people must bleed, so that European politicians do not have to take responsibility. That is the reality of the inverted Robin Hood regime that politicians and central banks have staged.

The consequences of the Norwegian oil adventure

If you look closely, the Norwegian Oil Fund has already been "used up" several times. What can Norway do to save the Oil Fund? And when is the world's central bank's huge money supply falling?