Theater of Cruelty

Hans-Georg Kohler

Kohler is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid. Artist.

House occupation and grassroots anarchism

BERLIN: The 70s came back in Berlin in many ways, but with the opposite sign: Today's fight against brutal urban redevelopment and demolition of war-ruined residential buildings has today turned into a fight against gentrification and housing speculation.

Solidarity and self-management

With the history of the house occupation in mind, Ny Tid met last year at Wismar Square in Friedrichshain on 1 May.

The Anarchist from Berlin

Anarchists: MODERN TIMES launches a series on anarchists internationally. First out is Ralf Landmesser in Berlin.

The filmmaker's distinctive look

REGI: Filmmaker Elke Werry has traveled to distant corners and realized documentary film projects for over thirty years.

Disc boom in the Sandberg case 

Per Sandberg did not need to go to Iran to be monitored. New monitoring techniques make it possible to locate mobile users – regardless of where they are. We take a closer look at these developments.

Invisible omniscience

George Orwell's 1984 is still relevant, but "Big Brother" is an outdated and misleading metaphor for today's surveillance, according to author David Lyon. He claims "Big Data" is a more up-to-date linguistic picture.

The working class is desperately trying to defend its dignity 

French sociologist Didier Eribon's book on growing up as a gay working class child became a bestseller in Germany last year. Now Return to Reims has been staged by theater director Thomas Ostermeier.



Aadhaar: India's new caste system

The extensive census of India maps the population – but also cements the caste society the country has tried to get rid of. Amnesty International warns, and Indian human rights lawyer Shyam Divan has gone to trial.