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Hilde Susan Jaegtnes

Author and screenwriter for film and television.

An economic system based on slave labor

CARIBBEAN FOOD CHILDREN: Alexander Hamilton's upbringing on the Danish sugar colony island of St. Croix marked his policy as the United States' first finance minister and one of the founders of the United States. He was particularly interested in slaves – and what traces did slavery leave on the island?

Letter to an unhappy painting

This month's stream movie: Sara Broos' Reflections is a picturesque portrait of the director's artist mother, and thematizes both the deep connections and the painful fences family relationships often feature.

The eyes closed for the future

The flow of the month for abo: The dream of a lost homeland is the only refugee left, as portrayed in this documentary. How can one then face the future?

The artist's talking head

H * art On is a well-founded and profound film about the nature and importance of art.

Pussy Riot: "We're All Pioneers"

Censorship can be tricky, but it can also give the art an unintended explosive power.

Pictures of voids in black ink

Must the downstream flow for abo: Can one be forgiven for leaving their children in the fight for a higher goal?

The knight of visibility

The flow of the month for abo: The story of the whistleblower Hervé Falcani puts his finger on two central but colliding values ​​in the information society.

Mahmud's Escape (streaming!)

It is deeply poignant to come close to Mahmoud's family during the flight from Syria to Switzerland. Even the life-threatening inflatable boat ride over icy seas has been documented – with a small mobile camera.

Syria lost childhood

Arab Film Days: Conversations with Syrian children in flight become a mosaic of young voices appearing as a hazy, heartbreaking mirror image of adults' incomprehensible movements and exchanges.