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Hans Henrik Fafner

Fafner is a regular critic in Ny Tid. Residing in Tel Aviv.

The Church and the military

Dmitry Adamsky: Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy. Religion, Politics, and Strategy
RUSSIA: Did the annexation of Crimea really come from religious circles? Membership of the Russian Orthodox Church promotes military careers.

Crazy in the streets of Jerusalem

Joseph Cedar: Our Boys
DRÆNGENE: Israeli docu-drama takes care of the traumatic wave of violence and revenge that led to open war in the summer of 2014.

The Ritualization of Racism

Kojo Koram: The War on Drugs and the Global Color Line
DRUG POLICE: In Colombia, the use of violence by both drug cartels and authorities has become somewhat ritualistic.

In the shadow of the caste society

Alf Gunvald Nilsen, Kenneth Bo Nielsen, Anand Vaidya: Indian Democracy. Origins, Trajectories, Contestations
INDIA CONFLICTS: India's major economic growth, under Narendra Modi, has deepened the social differences. The coexistence of the many religious groups

Liberal democracy is screwed together so that the whole idea is self-destructive

Adrian Pabst: The Demons of Liberal Democracy Author
DEMOCRACY: According to Adrian Pabst, we are basically going wrong with a wrong view of liberal democracy.

Anarchists against the wall

TEL AVIV: It is becoming harder and harder to oppose the system as Israel moves to the right.

To reach the oasis, you must cross the desert

George Danopoulos: Rita Director
PROSTITUTION: The short documentary Rita is the story of a prostitute of the old school in Athens.

Deputy wars' hidden interests

Eli Berman, David A. Lake: Proxy Wars. Suppressing Violence through Local Agents
PROXY WARS: The United States and Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia have an indirect involvement in conflicts that is quite different from conventional warfare.

Spear tactics and the camouflage of rights

Clifford Bob: Rights as Weapons. Instruments of Conflicts, Tools of Power
POWER ABUSE: Human rights and justice in general are a positive value that can end in cynical manipulation. New book perspective the concept.