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Ingeborg Breines

Breines is an adviser, former President of the International PEACE Bureau and former UNESCO Director.

A converted military industry

CULTURE OF PEACE: MODERN TIMES prints here an extract from the book Fredskultur. Utopia or security policy alternative? Is it possible to envisage a change of the military industry to more safeguarding of civilian purposes and preparedness?

"The army as a permanent institution is prohibited"

Peace: With the possible further escalation of war and the mentality of the time for military rearmament, it is important to know alternative peace policies. Costa Rica is a role model here, a country that uses its resources on education, health and the environment – rather than on weapons

"NATO's ears in the north"

CHRONICLE: The American bases are a huge power factor that enables the US military hegemony in the world. Our geographical location should indicate a less provocative approach.

What is security today?

Debate: If we want peace, we must prepare for peace, not war. In the preliminary party programs, no party in the Storting is in favor of disarmament.

When the Nobel Peace Prize winners meet

NOBEL PEACE SUMMIT: Are there any joke to such meetings, or are they just for a narrow circle?

Don't kill!

Why the KrF must vote this government out.

What are we going to do with NATO?

Ingeborg Breines makes a strong settlement with the "security strategies" of the authorities, NATO and the military industry. A secure future is not built with weapons, but with a peace culture based on dialogue and solidarity, she writes.

Pope against nuclear weapons

The Vatican no longer provides any moral acceptance for a military nuclear deterrence doctrine.

Invest in peace, not war

More than 12 000 recently protested against NATO in Brussels.