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Inger Hovstein Kviseth

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Norad

OFFICE: In the Foreign Service, Norway's contribution to peace processes is a high priority, while peacebuilding in development assistance has fallen completely out of Norad's new strategy.

"Disarmament and peace should be lifted above party lines"

Nuclear weapons: Disarmament work trumps the political dividing lines, says Asle Toje. He is now worried that Norway will come under insane pressure from the Americans to take over the German role when it comes to nuclear weapons.

Norwegian adherence to the UN ban on nuclear weapons is important for all other NATO countries

NUCLEAR WEAPONS: The United States, Britain and France partly justify their nuclear weapons in Allied security. ICAN believes that Norway should not accept this.

Senterungdommen supports Norwegian accession to the UN nuclear ban

Before the Center Party's national meeting starts 4-6. June, the leader of the Center Youth is clear on what his organization thinks about the nuclear ban.

News from the peace academy

The Peace Research Institute in Oslo, PRIO, has more than 50 peace researchers at work. We provide here a selection of current cases at PRIO.

The many points of impact of the Peace Prize

NOBEL PRIZE: This year, the Nobel Committee has received 329 nominations with a wide range. The same goes for the 101 awards awarded so far. Here we will take a closer look at the many facets of the Peace Prize.