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John Y. Jones

Cand. Philol, freelance journalist affiliated with MODERN TIMES

Israel's contempt for the UN

INTERVIEW: After six years, Canadian lawyer Michael Lynk is leaving his post as UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

To wipe out a people

LUBYA: "A boost to Palestinian culture in Israel is a contribution to anti-Semitism," said Jewish Rona Sela, an Israeli curator at Tel Aviv University.

IBM and Ford in Hitler's service

If you have visited the Center for Studies of #Holocaust and Religious Minorities in Oslo, you have probably noticed the installation at the entrance – it lights up at night. This is a monumental piece of art with a story ...

No, they are not anti-Semites

ANTI-SEMITISM: Activists such as Loach and Corbyn want a historic settlement with the West's colonial intervention in other parts of the world. Also Israel's apartheid. This has been counteracted by campaigns that blacken them as anti-Semitic.

What we should talk about when we talk about anti-Semitism

Ervin Kohn at the Mosaic Faith Society has stated to the magazine Kampanje (26.07.2019) that "there is some touch anxiety associated with anti-Semitism in Norwegian society, where one does not recognize or recognize anti-Semitism".

He was the safe uncle of the whistleblowers

Gavin H. Macfadyen (1940–2016): As an American-British documentary filmmaker, he produced a series of films over six decades for the World in Action program: on racial oppression in the United States, child labor, the nuclear threat, war crimes, industrial pollution, and the exploitation of workers. He was also a regular feature in the Logan symposium on warning.

About mourning or insulting the dead

MEMORIES: When we draw unfinished memorial pictures that suit us, we offend the dead.

Julian Assange – a goldmine and a nightmare

BEFORE THE TRIAL 27 OCTOBER: The characteristics Karen Sharpe draws from Assange's work are that everything he brought forward should be open and verifiable, scientifically correct and reliable. But for power, Assange is dangerous – because he makes the whistleblowers dangerous.

About the devil and all his being

EAST ASIA: North Korea has been subjected to persistent blackening to the extent that the slightest attempt to nuance the image is immediately shot down. Is this a book that will provoke the press, political influencers and researchers?