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Julian Blaue

After all, it's just paper?

TRAVEL-ESSAY: Since 2017, my partner Edy Poppy and I have developed an art project, The Personal Meeting with World Politics. We have passed a law against structural violence, which criminalizes the maintenance or profiteering of violent structures. We sued ourselves for breaking our own law. Now it was time for a holiday and we booked a trip to Bulgaria. But we discovered that you can't vacation from the law

The road to a new legal order

On May 9, the artist couple Julian Blaue and Edy Poppy reported themselves for structural violence. They are now on an exploration trip in Rio de Janeiro, and encourage Ny Tid readers to join the self-report.

"Republican is the new cool"

In a stunt just before the US election, a right-wing populist writer staged himself as a punk and performance artist. This hijacking also got artists and hipsters to vote for Donald Trump.

Revolutionary daydreams and western accident tourism

In Brazil, global problems and opportunities are very visible, both in terms of racial conflicts, environmental politics and the distribution of goods. A trip to South America's largest country can therefore provide an exemplary insight into the global contemporary.