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Kaisa Ytterhaug

Ytterhaug is a freelancer in Ny Tid.

In the midst of the pitch-black darkness

Rune Eraker explores human vulnerability in his new photo book. 

About those who become injured

Both Edward Burtynsky and Rune Eraker will create change through the photograph.

New look at own biography 

No autumn without the Autumn Exhibition in Oslo. This year, it is the relationship between man, nature and culture that is interpreted in the many works of art, visual artist Marte Aas tells Ny Tid. 

Prose: September


Rune Eraker: Tell the world about us

Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, 14. September 15. January 2019

Adrian Bugge: Intervention

Gallery BOA, City Hall Street 19, 16. August-9. September.

Movie: September


Good news: September


Prose: August