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Kaisa Ytterhaug

Ytterhaug is a freelancer in Ny Tid.

A third way in foreign policy

The newly elected leader of Rød Ungdom, Tobias Drevland Lund (21), tells Ny Tid that Norway should be militarily independent of the great powers the USA and Russia. Instead, he sees a Nordic defense alliance as a third way in foreign policy.

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Calls for a new peace movement

"A peace activist organized practice is absent," says Marielle Leraand in Rødt til Ny Tid. Should the party's main be the fight against a Difference Norway or an attempt to re-establish the peace movement? Leerand says that the peace movement has been virtually dead since 2003.

The positive Jewish experience

The State of Israel turns 70 in May, and in that connection, Ny Tid has put the spotlight on the values ​​and thinking of the Norwegian Jewish minority. We have met five Norwegians with a Jewish background. What do they perceive as positive about having a Jewish identity? 

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Looking to Israel

If you look at the number of Jews in Europe after World War II, they have dropped dramatically, including in Norway, says Conrad Myrland of Med Israel for Peace.