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Karin Haugane

Haugane is a Norwegian poet and translator. In addition to her own lyrical production, she has translated poems by e.g. Arthur Rimbaud and Ingeborg Bachmann into Norwegian.

Ruins in neat rows

PROXIMITY: Why are we concerned with memories? And who are we if we don't remember others, and no one remembers us? What Hélène Cixous wants is to speak out against oblivion, to show what it means to be persecuted. She asks: Where did the humanity go?

Elektra – the child who would be cleansed of pain

ESSAY: Sophocles' Elektra asks the question: what happens to a person who fails to formulate for himself who her revenge is directed at and why? Is it the need for revenge that drives us, the urge to punish someone who has ruined for us? And what about young, religious terrorists today who, out of love for the "ruler," perform cruel rituals and rites?