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Kjell Cordtsen

Cordsen was previously editor of Orientering, and included in the name change to New Time in 1975.

Norway and Vietnam

BORN: Only after many years can the parties come together on something resembling a protest against US warfare. To be honest, we are not very impressed.

It may be necessary to save our earth

THE ENERGY CRISIS: The earth's natural resources are running out – rapid economic growth has led to exploitation of resources.



The rebel and his martyrdom

Jens Bjørneboes Semmelweis at the National Theater.

Did Libertas stand behind the action against Pax?

As is well known, the action against Pax started with Morgenbladet bringing a strongly misleading overview of the publisher's financial position. One or more people have photocopied parts of last year's annual report, but deftly cut off important asset items, such as receivables of close to one million. These photocopies were sent to Morgenbladet, VG, NÅ, the Conservative Party's Press Office and a number of creditors, accompanied by an appeal that something had to be done to stop Pax.

A radical bastion

PAX publishing is one of the few bastions of radicalism in Norway. The neo-radicalism of the 60 years is hard to imagine without this arsenal of political literature.

Czechoslovakia, Norway and NATO

We have quite unequivocally expressed our opinion on Soviet politics and the invasion of Czechoslovakia. It may be time to return home to highlight the invasion's consequences for Norwegian politics.

Orientering: At Kennedy's death

Compassion and disgust are words that remain in the comments on the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Our US-friendly press is full of compassion for the senator and his family, and it is not hypocritical. Its disgust at what has happened is profound and genuine.

Norwegian idealism – a foxhole

Orientering 16.mars 1968