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Kurt Sweeney

Literary critic.

The real-life literature

Eldrid Lunden: It's just a matter of time. Calendar poem 2014–2018
Genuine and personal poetry collection from Eldrid Lunden.

Subtitle on the surface 

Bae Suah: North Station
About the unstable, fluid state of being in a dream.

What the landscape provides

Karin Haugane: New sonets from the lake
Nature is in dialogue with the poetry in Karin Haugane's latest collection of poems, where time itself is the most important building block.

Limitless twists

Göran Sonnevi: Sequences against Omega
Göran Sonnevis's latest collection of poems shows a great poet far out in his life.

The cry of pain crying 

Bandi: The Accusation. Forbidden Stories from Inside North Korea
The Accusation talks about the daily struggle to remain a human being under Kim Il-sung's terror regime.

Great literature that is getting bigger

Bea Suah: Recitation / A Greater Music / Nowhere to Be Found
Bae Suah's literature has grown for every novel she has published, both in format and meaning.

I want to go home to the animals

Jung Young-moon: A Most Ambiguous Sunday and Other Stories
Suicide plays no small role in Chinese Young-moon.

unreality Literature

Yan Lianke: The Explosion Chronicles
Authors across the globe would struggle to reliably reproduce what is happening in China. 

Post-Francoic stress syndrome

Javier Marías: Thus Bad Begins Translated by Margaret Jull CostaHamish
Nobel laureate Javier Marías writes strongly about Spain in the years following Franco.