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Linda Noor

Facebook as a co-driver


After a terror-filled summer

The terrorists are trying to force us into war mode. We must be aware of our role in the theater of terror.

From Islamists to Muslim Democrats

Tunisia: Islamist party establishes a distinction between politics and religion. To what extent can Tunisia's development affect other countries in the Middle East?

Female Leadership for Peace 

Throughout history, women have been constantly neglected as important peacemakers. But it is absolutely crucial to invest in women as leaders, peace brokers and community builders to get to the root of today's conflicts. The last...

The bloody blasphemy heritage of the colonial lords

This month's support mark in honor of an Islamist killer is rooted in an obscure and brutal history – and also shows the deep divide that characterizes many Pakistani communities. It is important not to make the divisions bigger.

Norway's strength test

Norway is known for good integration. Still, we have to fold our sleeves now.

Everyday prevention of radicalization

In the past year, the media image was strongly influenced by issues such as the danger of terrorism, Norwegian foreign fighters and radicalization. Politicians, authorities and civil society representatives have raised the prevention of violent extremism high on the agenda. Awareness and ...

We just hate a little

Norway is a slacker when it comes to combating hate crime and racial violence. In a time of refugee crisis and extremism on the rise, we simply have to sharpen ourselves.

Do not use Muslims as a breach in the immigration debate

"The Norwegian press does not want to, cannot and does not dare to write about facts," sociologist and public debater Kjetil Rolness claimed to Norwegian editors during the Norwegian Editors' Association's autumn meeting in Oslo recently. In an in-depth case on the website ...