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Lukas Lehner

Freelance writer.

A life in transit

Christina Pareigis: Susan Taubes: An Intellectual Biography
TRAUMER: The biography of the Judeo-Hungarian philosopher and author Susan Taubes depicts life, thought and work intricately intertwined with the historical trauma of the 20th century – and experiences of rootlessness.

"There you are, my friend"

Peter Handke: My day in another country
HANDKE: An eternal relationship of tension between the individual and the community. With age, has Peter Handke gradually given up on rage?

Political or despotic?

Oskar Negt: Political philosophy of common sense. Volume 2, Morality and Society: Immanuel Kant
PHILOSOPHY: Oskar Negt asks how the modern political citizen came into being in the wake of the French Revolution. When it comes to political terror, he is clear – it is not political.

Increasing reality apathy and blunting

Byung-Chul Han: Palliative care society
Criticism of modernity: The neoliberal "happiness dispositive's" imperative of happiness regards pain as a failure, a weakness. The pain has become dumb, and consequently speechless and meaningless. But is the consequence that the neoliberal paradigm of freedom is disintegrating?