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Margareta Hruza

Hruza is a Czech / Norwegian filmmaker and regular critic of Ny Tid.

Today's perverse fascination with everything new

PSYCHOLOGY: A book about self-esteem, eating disorders, trauma and eternal depression – and love.

Taken by the training wave

SELF-REALIZATION: Survival of the fittest – it's about staying in shape and taking care of your own productivity. You also have an app that measures heart rate, steps and sleep quality.

Hope, fill and frustration on Greenland

INDEPENDENCE: The people of Greenland are dependent on the outside world, but they see hope for detachment based on their own natural resources and powerful investors.

Identity problems and false confessions

Identity problems among young immigrants in Sweden, and the need for better legal security in the US: Sofielund and New York are the framework for two new Nordic documentaries.

The experiment that revealed the inherent goodness of man

The Raft tells the story of the Acali experiment in 1973, which aimed to find the origins of human aggression. The results of the experiment surprised.

The struggle for survival

British filmmaker Kim Longinotto makes documentary films about rebellious outsiders, where women fighting for their own survival are the celebrated protagonist.

With the child's eyes

Girls dressed as boys in Kabul and Tehran's underworld with sex, intoxication and rave music are portrayed through the child's gaze in the animated films The Breadwinner and Tehran Taboo.

Not human, but athlete

Variety called this documentary about a young Russian gymnast the "sports documentary The Black Swan". 

A Wiseman for our time

In February at the Cinematheques: Through 50 years, the merited director Frederick Wiseman has left the institutional community in the seams – to joy, anger and despair.