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Marianne Solberg

Solberg is a regular critic in Ny Tid.

double Moral

COMMENT: The class struggle is not alone in advocating the NATO message that "weapons are the way to peace".

Ukrainian freedom struggle or Western economic interests?

ESSAY: What values ​​are the West actually supporting in Ukraine? In order to help Ukraine with national self-government, Norwegian funds were already channeled through the EBRD from 2011, despite knowledge of extensive corruption. The Western contribution in Ukraine is probably so much about a struggle for control over enormous natural resources. Norwegian politics thus supports international big capital – oligarchs and large agro-groups already control 28 percent of Ukraine's arable land.

For a handful of euros

FOOD SAFETY: Fiction and reality in EU agricultural policy: The chemical industry and lobbying companies such as Copa-Cogeca and CropLife Europe delayed and derailed the EU's Farm to Fork strategy. In total, the lobbying contracts were worth over 50 million euros in 2020–2023. In November 2023, the SUR law (Sustainable Use Regulation) was stopped and voted down in the European plenary meeting in Strasbourg. What happened?

Norway has become the USA's 'eyes and ears'

INTELLIGENCE COOPERATION: Contrary to Norwegian law, Norway is heavily involved in preparations for war in space, and Norwegian satellites and radar systems are used in the US space war. Bård Wormdal's third book reveals the extensive e-service cooperation between the USA and Norway outside NATO cooperation, authorized in secret agreements, outside the Storting's control. The revelations are startling. The spy war is a factual thriller about Norwegian security policy.

NATO – an alliance for the 21st century?

Military industry: NATO's new strategy document is a continuation of the neoconservative line after Anders Fogh Rasmussen's politicization of a group-run NATO 2009–2014. The new document reveals an ideological chasm between the old and the new NATO.

In the direction of the totalitarian

PRE-FASCISM: Timothy Snyder's little textbook on tyranny – written for society "between Hitler and Stalin" – lies between patriotic obedience and political disobedience. The book is still current.

Corner posts, clues or bearing points

PHOTO ART: Can art function as a correction to discrimination, self-denial and self-contempt? And can an "instruction manual" be a beautiful event in Norwegian non-fiction?

To answer the riddle no one has asked you to solve

ARTIST: Guttorm Nordø talks about the immediate as the only guideline for his art. One of the finest, most risk-taking and wittiest art books of 2021?

Everything is the fault of others

MASS MEDIA: Where the advertisement gave a feeling of well-being, desire and pleasure, the new media consumption gives the feeling of paranoia, anger and mistrust. Hate seller. Also on Capitol Hill.