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Marianne Solberg

Solberg is a regular critic in Ny Tid.

Y-block in infinity light

ARCHITECTURE: The State Department building, the Y-block, is reputed to be the ugliest building in Oslo. It has been hated for its brutalist aesthetics. But how much do we, or the state itself, really know about the construction and thinking behind the Y-block?

The pain, the uncertainty and the forgetfulness

Y-Block: The perspective of the Y-block's symbolic value has changed in the time since the demolition decision, without it becoming apparent to central politicians.

Superficiality is the new dialogue

CONCEPT ART: A concept-oriented micro-art historical work that overestimates the value of art

Dingseveldet – the dupe dites in the online stores

Multiplicity: Can a thing materialism rebuild a collective idea of ​​society?

A wobbly kitten

ABOUT ART: A remarkable instruction manual for the critical moments of art and life.