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Mette Karlsvik

It opens the work

PJ Harvey has published his first book. Why hasn't she done it before?

Art and squash cabbage

Is the ecocritical author a prolific breed?

One question of innocence

No one is guilty of the tragedy depicted in the White Sea. But no one is innocent either.

Flaum in the Eden of Europe

When Cannes senses the effects of climate change.

Meat with Frøy

Bokessay based on Knut Ødegård's Edda poems, volumes I – III (Cappelen Damm, 2013–2015) and Gerður Guðjónsdóttir's Blóðhófnir (Mál og menning, 2010) The veranda faces Hjertøya. The heart island is the heart shape. One must be loud to see it; ...

Bold text, open work. One poetics

POESI: Heart that stops beating is the narrator's pulse.

Misanthropic meditation

Breathe in, and exhale: Read Dragseth's new long poem aloud. It is a fair, a meditation, a poem that leaves you sleepless and troubled for the future of the globe and of humanity.

The center of the world lies in Sunnfjord

Artist mobility seems to be a good thing for both the traveler and the city he travels to.

Five pictures and one letter

About Camilla Groths Somewhere out there I'm happy (Flame Forlag)