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Mikkel Bolt

Professor of political aesthetics at the University of Copenhagen.

After corona – a technocratic, planetary order

Benjamin Bratton: The Revenge of the Real: Politics for a Post-Pandemic World
COVID-19: It is difficult to read Bratton's positive biopolitics as anything other than a form of technocratic authoritarianism – where the subject is a point in a biopolitical network.

The relationship between art and the political

Oliver Marchart: Conflictual Aesthetics: Artistic Activism and the Public Sphere
CONTEMPORARY ART: Today's patrons use shameless art as a giant advertising pillar. And what can art do when politicians lie?

The drop that causes the cup to overflow

The Invisible Committee: From now by Author
resurrection: The three books are equal parts revolutionary manifestos for those who want an analysis of the state of affairs, and strategic manuals for those who have already taken to the streets and revolted.

USA: It's Going Down!

THE PROTESTS IN THE USA: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, LA, Louisville, New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Oregon, Richmond, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Washington. A response to the structural violence the poor are facing.

How capitalist alienation has assumed form

Guy Debord: The spectacular community
MEDIA fellowship: An analysis of how human relationships, including language, have been staged. Here in a cool elegance, what Debord himself called "the style of negation."

Thomas Piketty does not settle for a crisis of capitalism

Thomas Piketty, translators Peer Bundgaard, Manni Crone, Adam Diderichsen and Niels Ivar Larsen: Capital and ideology
DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM: Piketty's latest book is about redistribution and not so much else. There is an awful lot of statistics and some fine literary examples. The hope of green capitalism seems to have completely disappeared.

Climate activism without the state

Jem Bendell: Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy
RADICAL CRITICISM? Is the climate crisis legitimizing a new authoritarian state mode of government?

Filmatic rebellion

Morgan Adamson: Enduring Images: A Future History of New Left Cinema
PROTEST: Morgan Adamson's Enduring Images brings new life to the 1960s revolutionary film and reminds us of the need to fight the prevailing forms of representation.

A rebel universality from below

Massimiliano Tomba: Insurgent Universality: An Alternative Legacy of Modernity
ORDER OF THE ORDER: The ruling order does everything in its power to derail the uprisings.