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Nick Holdsworth

Holdsworth is a writer, journalist and filmmaker.

Reason in a world of lies

Peace Prize: The Nobel Peace Prize is important enough that even the Kremlin felt compelled to praise the Nobel Peace Prize to Dmitri Muratov.

Russia without Putin

Tony Wood: Russia Without Putin: Money, Power and the Myths of the Cold War
RUSSIA: One day Putin will leave the Kremlin – but that will not change anything, writes Tony Wood in his book on power and continuity in today's Russia, in which he attacks several well-known myths.

The visionary who wanted to give the world free electricity

Janja Glogovac: Teslafy Me
FORGOT GENI? The film Teslafy Me wipes dust off the story of inventor Nikola Tesla, whom we can thank every time we are connected to the world.

Everyday life in Kabul

Aboozar Amini: Kabul, City in the Wind
AFGHANISTAN: In the capital, Kabul, which only gets international attention when suicide bombers attack, director Aboozar Amini is a fly on the wall in the lives of ordinary people.

The unifying force of a common struggle

Nadir Bouhmouch: Movement
activism: Movement is a lyrical and beautifully filmed piece of political propaganda – with a Moroccan twist.

An extraordinary and endangered life

Alexei Vakhrushev: The Book of the Sea (Kniga morya)
Yupik-Inuit: The Book of the Sea is a mesmerizingly beautiful close-up of a way of life that disappears in line with the melting of the Poles, showing a side of Russia we have barely seen before.

Student rebellion in Brazil

activism: Increased collective rates that hit the poor in São Paulo became the start of a student-led protest movement.

Timely about arranged marriages in Europe

Tülin Özdemir: Red Moon
ARRANGED MARRIAGE: Red Moon is as much family therapy as a heartbreaking road movie.

The lot of human life

Juna Suleiman: Mussolini's Sister
womanhood: Black humor illuminates this close-up portrait of a sarcastic, elderly Palestinian woman's life, relationships, desires and bitterness.