Theater of Cruelty

Niels Johan Juhl-Nielsen

Juhl-Nielsen resides in Copenhagen.

Bookchains social ecological model inspires

The surprise was big when Bookchin's co-worker, Janet Biehl, opened her letterbox at home in the USA in 2004 and found a letter from a former German diplomat who, on behalf of Abdullah Öcelan, wanted to establish contact to exchange thoughts on Bookchin's ideas.

The Kurds in Rojava

ANARCHISM: In Murray Bookchin's social ecology, Abdullah Öcalan saw how the dynamics of women's liberation could and must be reconciled with direct democracy and ecology.

To have everyday life in its power

ANARCHISM: If not now – when? Is social ecology an answer?

Low crisis awareness and unresolved climate challenges

CRISIS: The state's crisis management is not enough, as Norway as an oil-producing nation ignores the recommendations that the oil should remain in the ground.

The ground connection – a different and better life

OFF GRID: New conversion projects are led by social entrepreneurs: the off-grid principle is to be disconnected from the modern society's electricity, water and sewer system.

A sustainable labor movement

OTHER WORLDS? Heavier by the marketing of society and the alienation of man, the question now is: Who constitutes subject one in the struggle for another world?

Restructuring Directions?

COPENHAGEN: The cities are choosing to take a leading role in the fight for climate.

Stressed hen with no head

TOMHED: A pseudo-confrontation with the parents' culture turned into meaningless stress. In eleven-September bodies, the young people hide behind enterprising smiles.

The little piece of urban nature

CHILDREN AND NATURE: How can a teaching plan help the emerging person to interact with the world?