Theater of Cruelty

Niels Johan Juhl-Nielsen

Juhl-Nielsen resides in Copenhagen.

Lykkeberg – "a democratic socialist"

SUBJECT: How are we to explain to our children that Trump – against the most odds – became President of the United States?

The 6. masseudryddelse

CHINA: How do we wake up to a world with China as ruler?

Up from the basement, into the war

The basement man must also participate in the restructuring of mankind. This is what Carsten Jensen forgets.

Doomsday is canceled

Filled with fear for the future, Kristian Leth tries to tell an alternate story of how the world really is.

Depression for revolution

Art can break the cracks in the culture and help reverse the current state of depression. 

The rage of democracy 

Among other things, a new book examines how democratic institutions have supported undemocratic practices such as slavery, discrimination and exclusion.

Can the migration crisis be resolved?

The migration and refugee problem could be radically reduced, says British lawyer and Harvard professor Jacqueline Bhabha in her new book.

California Dreaming?

In his new book, Professor David Vogel describes how the state has managed in a number of areas to implement its own regulations to support economic and cultural development and growth.

Give me back "68"

Can the 68 gene arise in new form and form the basis for the development of a sustainable society?