Theater of Cruelty

Niels Johan Juhl-Nielsen

Juhl-Nielsen resides in Copenhagen.

UN: a reality the world has left

We cannot do without the UN, but a more creative and efficient organization would be desirable.

1968 – 2018 – the dream lives on

Looking back at 1968 during this year's International Documentary Festival in Thessaloniki.

The machines first, the human after?

Artificial intelligence cannot replace social knowledge and competence, as it is inferior to human judgment and always will be.

Limitation on freedom

We know it so well, and we really don't want to. Therefore, we are at odds with our own feelings when we act as blind to the destruction of nature.

"Villa, Volvo and vofs" and the technological innovations 

Demands for continued economic growth on a limited planet have caused the global and systemic crisis.

Dreamers are looking for the world's most important job

The world community needs a great vision for the future of humanity. The ability to reflect and dream can be our most important resource.

The movement of the movements

The principles of the Transition Movement for living have been in force for thousands of years and are directly in opposition to that of capitalism.