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Nina Ossavy

Ossavy is a stage artist and writer.

To cultivate soil health

ECOLOGY: Marit Bendz has met gardeners, agronomists, farmers and enthusiasts who in various ways run an agriculture contrary to government recommendations.

Our own basis of life

PHOTO ART: Is art that takes a value position marginalized? The artist duo Book and Hedén's exhibition Real Adventures has a no-bullshit filter that is a rarity in the Norwegian art world.

The song that disappears

ESSAY: I have become the mother of my own mother. But is repressed grief and depression one of the causes of dementia?

The art of not being a terrorist

ESSAY: The ceiling height has suddenly become dangerously low – it is taboo to talk about terror.

Close-up portrait of the wolf

OUR FRIEND THE WOLF?Several hypotheses suggest that wolves and humans lived close together and perhaps even hunted together between 15 and 000 thousand years ago.

Our narrative memory loss

Martin Lee Mueller has written an extraordinary book with the salmon's life and history as the focal point. It must be among the most important books published for a very, very long time.

Paradoxical book about birds

We are many who love the birds and know a closeness to these beautiful, flying creatures. Jim Robbins is one of them, and with the love of the birds as a backdrop, he has written the book The Wonderful World of Birds.

Odin's theater soldiers

Filmmaker Elsa Kvamme has previously taught at Eugenio Barba. Now his Odin Theater has celebrated 50 years, and Kvamme has returned – this time with the camera in hand.

From dust to life 

Andrea Carfagna does not use the term "organic farming" – he only runs his farm in Sardinia in the most sustainable, efficient and economical way possible.