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A tool that is over 150 years old

Photo Phnom Penh in Cambodia has made its mark in the photo festival landscape in Southeast Asia since its inception nine years ago. The festival is free and brings the art to the public space.

The silence as it happens

Mustafa Saeed's subdued portraits raise the question of whether we have passed the most dramatic imagery of distress.

The aspiring street photographer

Chinese Fan In photographs capture the lives, dreams and hard work of individuals in an expanding metropolis.

Photo book – an expanding language

The photo book fills a void that the digital viewing space cannot fill, and therefore becomes even more important for a generation flooded with images.

The banal emptiness of war 

It is the space of war – all that is beyond the sensational – Christoph Bangert shows us in his new project.

The critical power of self-portrait

In the selfie era, the staged self-portrait functions as political activism.

The photographic meeting

"I'm not looking for any documentary look – I'd rather blend in with the reality of the people I'm portraying. It is in the meeting between me and them, where the boundary between fiction and documentary is unclear, that I can create something honest, ”says Hilde Honerud.

First and foremost children

The exhibition Primarily the children of the photographer Rebacca Jafari is on display at Gallery F15, Jeløya, Moss, 3. – 17. April.

The whimsical power of beauty

Beauty goes directly to our emotions affecting us more strongly than anything else. Is it the one to save our planet?