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Bill Evans in memory

Three different mediation situations give three different results.

- Anthrax no threat

"Anthrax is not a threat to Norway," says Bjørn Petter Berdal, head of research at the Defense Microbiological Lab in Oslo.

History of biological weapons

At least 80 people died in 1979 when an accident in the Soviet Union led to anthrax emissions from a weapons factory.

The Vietnam War could still be there

Bombs and rockets still light up in the night sky above Kabul and Kandahar – and on TV screens across the globe. Every new bomb can kill innocents, every new rocket can create new terrorists. We know this, and this we find ourselves in – if we do nothing.

The story of Levi Strauss in France

Moulinex's bankruptcy on 7 September is only the latest in a series of many restructurings – Danone, Péchiney, Marks & Spencer, AOM-Air Liberté, etc. – leading to massive redundancies. Faced with companies that want to improve already large profits, the government has shown its weakness. One example is the closure of the Levi Strauss plant at Lens in northern France.

Left after the fall of the wall

The three-volume "Recasting Marxism" by Boris Kagarlitsky analyzes the new era after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The political idea historian considers the left's decay, revival and future possibilities. This weekend he visits the Globalization Conference in Oslo.

The era of hypocrisy

President Bush's speech the day the bombing started filled me with discomfort. It is possible the man does not know better. But given that he knows a little more than he gives the impression, the whole speech appears as a show of hypocrisy and double standards.

Uses (almost) everything for tax cuts

25 billion for tax cuts is almost the only figure the Bondevik II government makes in the government declaration. LO economist fears welfare cuts and high interest rates.

The top of political literature ten

Naomi Klein's "No Logo" has protested itself to the top spot in the political literature ten at the top.