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"Only with the head can no one become, or remain, a socialist"

An attempt at a reassessment of Sigurd Evensmo's authorship and a post about the necessity of art.

Despite the pornography

Sigurd Evensmo about Bjørneboes Without a Thread. Orientering No. 37, 1966

Who will decide on Norwegian oil?

OIL: Opinion in Norway must now be mobilized to fight to get the revenues from oil extraction from the sources off the Norwegian coast to benefit the population in the country. Now the question of extraction, landing and rationalization must be removed from the experts and become a political question. If it is not traded quickly, the oil will be extracted by foreign companies and further processed by the same groups abroad, where the profit will also end up.

Recommended literature this summer

Book tips MODERN TIMES's critics and editors recommend books for the summer holidays.


ORIENTERING JUNE 1970: A young Vietnamese woman told of the torture in Con Son's prisons.

England hardly into the EEC

ORIENTERING MARCH 7, 1970: Strong opposition in Labor.

The Sami minority is suppressed in the Nordic countries

ORIENTERING 21. February 1970


21. 2. 1970 Manager

35 books from Pax this spring

7. 2. 1970 From Karl Marx to current debate books.