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Palm increases Vietnam support – US economic reprisals?

ORIENTERING 11.10.1969 After Sweden has decided to provide extensive financial support for the construction of North Vietnam, the US criminal measures start a new round.

Ho Chi Minh's wills

ORIENTERING 25.10.1969 At the solemn ceremony in memory of Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi 10. in September, Lo Duan, first secretary of the Vietnamese Labor Party, read this political will from Ho Chi Minh:

Can We Learn Something About An American Salary?

MODERN TIMES brings in connection with the summer and the newspaper's head an extract of the book Borgerlønn.


Why fake accounts dominate Instagram.

Movie of the Month in June

About a War asks: What happens when the war is over?

The Cold War

When NATO history is written in Norway, it is always the "coup in Czechoslovakia" that is the starting point. (ORIENTERING APRIL 22, 1969)

Membership in the superpower blocs has become a threat to the countries themselves

ORIENTERING April 22, 1969: Today, it is clearer than ever that it is the power politics of the great powers that threaten the peace of the world.

But now it's perfect

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Ny Tid establishes editorial board

Ny Tid has now established an editorial board, and we choose to present them here.