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Judith Butler: Notes Toward and Performative Theory of Assembly

The body as a starting point for Judith Butler's thinking about democracy is promising – but does not meet because of the author's one-sided reading of Hannah Arendt. 

The very idea of ​​freedom

In his new book, Axel Honneth blends socialism and solidarity, thereby losing sight of the true idea of ​​freedom.

Ethics when touching the body

When the body is touched for the first time, you become sensitive to your own vulnerability, and thus dependence on others. In addition, you develop into a sensing and sensitive person who can act ethically.

Lotto of life on the Mediterranean

Imagine the Earth from the outside, from space. A blue ball that is the home of men, common and unavoidable. At the same time, not everyone belongs here. Everyone is not home in the world. Just as fully they die in it.