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Øivind Nygård

Nygård has a master's degree in Nordic language and literature.

Other Press Be Cautious Poster

AVERAGE: There are two Be careful posters for the press: the written and the unwritten.

The press as 'fake news'

The press as fake news is no new phenomenon – according to Søren Kirkegaard, the content lies not in the content, but in the form and format itself.

The Holberg debate: Essential falsehoods and immaterial truths

Why do ordinary journalists react so strongly to media criticism of the kind Assange and Pilger bring to square one? Dagbladet and Bergens Tidende were quick to call the two "conspiratorial".

In fact plain craftsmanship

An analysis of's verdict "In fact completely wrong". Their fact check on Ny Tid's 9/11 article is marred by misunderstandings, inadequate research, unreasonable argumentation ...