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Ellen Lande

Lande is a film writer and director and a regular writer for Ny Tid.

A need for dad

S. Leo Chiang, Yang Sun: Our Time Machine
TIME MACHINE: Concept artist Maleonn uses puppets to make contact with his demented father.

The shaman and the Norwegian engineer

Audun Amundsen: Newtopia
cohesion: The expectation of a paradise free of modern progress became the opposite, but most of all, Newtopia is about two very different men who support and help each other when life is at its most brutal.

The Y-block: The tragedy of the nation

ARCHITECTURE: Don't let our elected officials complete what the terrorist bomb failed.

Skinless exposure

Margreth Olin, Katja Høgset, Espen Wallin: self Portrait
Anorexia: shameless uses Lene Marie Fossen's own tortured body as a canvas for grief, pain and longing in her series of self portraits – relevant both in the documentary self Portrait and in the exhibition Gatekeeper.

Post-apocalyptic animation

Simone Hooymans: Breed
warning: Can a hand-painted animated film convey the turmoil of a notified climate collapse?

Colorful about fatal prejudice

Amjad Abu Alala: You will die at twenty
injustice: Superstition and prophecy provide the framework for a story in which a curse says that the main character will die before he turns twenty.

Football bans and women's matches

Marwa Zein: Khartoum Offside
SUDANIC WOMEN'S FOOTBALL: When the African dream is not to meet the right, but to play on the national team.

The explosive power of the snapshot

Maria Pasenau: Whit Kind Regrets
ABOUT THE PHOTO BOOK: An intense and multifaceted conversation in several layers about the photo book, which with its contextual premise heightens the snapshot.

Genocide in seductive colors

Patrick Brown: No Place on Earth
GENOCIDE: Exceptional photo book provides a shocking insight into the genocide of the Rohingya.