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Ellen Lande

Lande is a film writer and director and a regular writer for Ny Tid.

protest festival

ALTERNATIVE FESTIVAL: The headwind festival is the proof that a cultural festival of the highest quality can be conducted without ethically questionable sponsorship funds

When the victims' defense goes wrong

May el-Toukhy: The queen
#METOO: Fate-pregnant family relationships and abuse of power can be a success formula for film. The Queen offers a nuanced female abuser.

Currency of visibility

Photography 1997-2017: Hannah Starkey
PHOTOGRAPH: Hannah Starkey's retrospective photo book depicts a maturing journey in women's eyes.

The refugee crisis, the fear and the free Finnish woman

Miia Tervo: Aurora Direction and script
lampoons: This intense, searing and screaming comedy is typical of a generation of young, rootless women.

Smelly and bad punk portrait

Alex Ross Perry: Her smell
STAR SLAM: Even if you have never liked punk, you should still bring along this tender and painfully riveting epic from a rough girl band environment from the US 90.

Slive kick about power play in intimate relationships

Johanna Pyykkö: The Manila Lover
WORLD PREMIERE: For the first time in 16 years, a Norwegian short film has been selected for the critique week in Cannes.

Camera women in the firing line

PHOTOGRAPH: A diverse selection of skilled war photographers is highlighted in oblivion in two new exhibitions at the Preus museum: War Time (1935 – 1950) and Lee Miller.

People without filters

Astrid Johannessen: video Essay
Travelogue: Some films have a rare ability to move the viewer in time and space. Visual artist Astrid J. Johannessen's last two video essays have this marvelous power.

Purchase process in Harlem

Lene Berg: False Belief
The Norwegian documentary premieres during this year's Berlin festival: A sensory-rich dissemination in Lene Berg's playful, wonder and disturbing False Belief.