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Ellen Lande

Lande is a film writer and director and a regular writer for Ny Tid.

Purchase process in Harlem

Lene Berg: False Belief
The Norwegian documentary premieres during this year's Berlin festival: A sensory-rich dissemination in Lene Berg's playful, wonder and disturbing False Belief.

Dandelion of the West Bank

Christy Garland: What Walaa Wants
LANYARD: What Walaa Wants portrays a child growing up in the shadow of Israeli occupation and Palestinian freedom struggle, in the Balata refugee camp in the West Bank.

The rise and fall of the feminist

Viktor Nordenskiöld: The Feminists
What happens when you end up in a position to actually realize the policy you claim to stand for? Director Viktor Nordenskiöld has been following former Foreign Minister in Sweden, Margot Wallström, for four years.

Shout from a wounded globe

Sasha Friedland, Cynthia Wade: Grit
A disturbing documentary from a disaster-prone area shows what can happen if the natural devastation is allowed to continue.

The letter from hell

Directed by Leon Lee, in collaboration with Sun Yi: Letter from Masanjia
A letter hidden in a halloween decoration changes the life of both the Chinese sender and the American recipient. At the same time, it exposes the dividend in the international mass production industry.

Regime criticism as entertainment

Agnieszka Holland, Agnieszka Smoczynska, Kasia Adamik, Olga Chajdas: 1983
Four Polish women have created an entertaining TV series where sharp regime criticism is the theme – with the talking title 1983.

Photographic turning operation

Avani Rai: Raghu Rai. An Unframed Portrait
All her life she has been her world-famous father's favorite object. What happens when master photographer Raghu Rai's daughter points the camera lens at her father?

In terms of communication, animation can have a high price, but can also be redeeming

Mats Grorud, Ali Soozandeh: The Tower, Tehran Taboo
Tehran Taboo and the Tower are political animated films with many commonalities, yet the ability to create deep empathy is what also sets them apart.

Stories from a shaky welfare state

Something is rotten in the welfare state of Denmark – yes, in all the Nordic countries, says the photo agency Moment Agency.