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Ellen Lande

Lande is a film writer and director and a regular writer for Ny Tid.

A film critic looks back

Kjetil Lismoen: Among the head hunters and Nazis – The generation that restored Norwegian film
An emotional involvement in the film industry makes Lismen's book about Norwegian film stand out.

MOVIE FROM THE SOUTH: The grandmothers, the sex slavery and the excuse

Tiffany Hsiung: The Apology
They were born as human beings, but were never allowed to live normal human lives.

Soreness among strangers

Kaoi Oda: Toward A Common Tenderness
A suggestive tribute to the golden age of the avant-garde film draws me right in with its hypnotic soundscape – Japanese children's song, piano and a narrative voice. But then!

Kitchen Sink High Conceptualism

Shelly Silver: A Strange New Beauty
Shelly Silver shows no humility when it comes to relevance and sustainability in her project, but takes the space and time and oozes self-confidence.

Fear as entertainment

Jay Rosenblatt: Scared Very Scared
Fear as entertainment sells and is a well-used Hollywood brand. Fear as entertainment within the socially critical political film, on the other hand, is in short supply.

Believers' wills

Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi: Untitled
The result of controversial and acclaimed Michael Glawogger's latest unfinished work has become a dazzlingly beautiful, smoky, and buzzing epic about life.