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Orientering (1953-75)

Orientering is MODERN TIMES's forerunner (1953-75), herein absorbed in MODERN TIMES.

Therefore, the Middle East became a powder keg

50 YEARS AGO: Why has the Middle East been a powder keg for 25 years? What is the background for the irreconcilable attitude between Israel and the Arab states? And what happened to the Palestinian Arabs when the state of Israel was established?

NATO base Norway

MILITARISERING: From being a "pact between independent nations", NATO developed in a short time into a gigantic military apparatus. Do we have a fight against the compact silence? Kari Enholm documents.

Norway's allies among the worst

TORTURE: Here we take a review from Amnesty's report with 16 countries where torture is used.

1973: The voices of the reaction

"We completely agree with the American president when he has now gone to an effective and efficient bombing of Hanoi and other hubs in North Vietnam. President Nixon has proven to be a great politician,…

The peculiar forms of repression in the Soviet Union

iDEOLOGY: MODERN TIMES brings, due to today's attention to Russia, a look at the Soviet Union 50 years ago. In the book from 1972, Herbert Marcuse describes and assesses the conditions, condition and possibilities of the Soviet Union – and Soviet Marxism as an ideology.

The rawness of silence

WAR: The barbarism of the West came from the "free world" itself. Because it was silent

New base in northern Norway directs US warplanes and nuclear submarines

BORN: Norway has received a new NATO base paid for by the US Navy. This time it is Bratland, Lurøy on the Helgeland coast, which is being built in NATO's service.

Sartre in the center of a new tribunal

JEAN PAUL SARTRE: In this article, Vladimir Dedijer describes how French society is becoming increasingly authoritarian. Basic freedoms are set aside, the National Assembly is powerless and the police have free rein to carry out the purest terror against people with opinions that deviate from the official ones. Torture and stinking prison cells are also part of the image of France in 1971.

The ideological turmoil of Marxism-Leninism

ORIENTERING: The basis of Marxism-Leninism, Norwegian edition by Ny Dag 1962.