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Paal Frisvold

Writer for MODERN TIMES on Europe issues.

A star is born – new French Emmanuel Macron

He is young, handsome and eloquent. With his energy and radiance is Emmanuel Macron France's John F. Kennedy. But does he have a policy? 

Eva Joly: "Norway stands alone in Europe"

She has been called crazy, icy and revolutionary by the French establishment, and is a seasoned participant in Europe's most important political arena. Ny Tid has met Eva Joly.

An artistic masterpiece

War, torture and love form the backdrop to the total collapse of civilization and rationality.

The timelessness of globalization

Herbjørnsrud has written a very important book on the most important political phenomenon of our time – but a book for the few.

About the EU's five fathers

The story of how five politically very different, but convinced and stubborn elites laid the foundations for the supranational European cooperation.

Will give France back the belief in itself

The urge to "jump off" a runaway world needs to be replaced with the courage to venture into the future, believes Pascal Lamy.  

Norwegian left side's inability to see the world we live in

Glucksmann has many and innovative ideas to save Europe from renationalisation.

Carsten Juhl and others: Je suis Charlie – ainsi suit-il

"War politics and constitutional ethnocracy in Denmark or the Party of Freedom of Expression – which is party to Islam"

Escande and Cassini: Bienvenue dans le capitalisme 3.0

It is long before the sharing economy gives sounding coins in the common fund.