Theater of Cruelty

Pål Steigan

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Major political pretext 

Britain's prime minister claims Russia "probably behind" the alleged poison attack on ex-agent Sergey Skripal, but could this indicate a comprehensive plan to have Russia labeled as a criminal state?

Iran, mullah capitalism and the protest movement

Around the turn of the year, Western media could read that there was a revolution underway in Iran. But there was no revolution – which is not so surprising.


Conspiracy: It is with conspiracy theories as with all other theories: Either they are true or they are false – and this can only be clarified through investigations.

Electric cars with scratches in the varnish

In Norway, the electric car is hailed as a symbol of the green shift. Can it live up to its reputation, also internationally?

Fake news, a brain dead concept

The Internet has created information channels that are not controlled by the banks and the weapons industry. Now, however, the war is starting to clog these breathing holes.

It's the economy, stupid!

Most Norwegian media these days should have had job ads with the heading "US expert sought". 

The unbearable ease of politics

Brexit in June and failed coup in Turkey in July – and heck, then the whole situation in Europe had changed to the unrecognizable.

Do we want a joint European finance ministry?

Only five per cent of the so-called "aid money" to Greece went to the Greek economy. The rest has gone to the financial capital to save the banks.