Theater of Cruelty

Prison in the open air

How does the UNHCR run the refugee camps which together correspond to the size of the Netherlands? How do they manage to meet the needs of the 1000 new refugees who arrive every day? Welcome to Refugeestan.

Black Lives Matter

Documentary Whose Streets? is based on the demonstrations in Ferguson following the murder of Michael Brown in 2014, as well as the belief that we have the right to protest against injustice.

We must not think that we are only dreaming

Cruel situations are real to those in question – no matter how numinous we may become to considering the suffering of others.

Above the skyscraper 

The Generic Sublime thinks broadly and ambitiously about a new type of urban architecture. 

Razor blade's cruel confirmation

When two of the women in My Mother's Name show how they perform a circumcision by cutting into a napkin, it is incomprehensible to assume that this is actually performed on millions of women's bodies.